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Did you know...

Kura Design handbags are handcrafted and designed locally - so you can be sure you're getting a unique work of art with each purchase - don't be surprised at the looks you'll get!


Fall/Winter 2011/2012

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Kura for Kids

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Spring 2012

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Kura Design is moving and shaking and getting noted in the news. Check out the following newsworthy items and find out more about our popular handbags!

tp.jpgToliet Paper Entrepreneurs quotes Margo on 31 Ways to Deal with Naysayers.
Click to read #31! 


recycled_sm.jpgPRESS RELEASE - Kura Design & Paper to Perals Launch Limited Edition Charity Handbag!
>> Read the Press Release



event.jpgEvents-ualities Give Kura Design a Nod
Every company begins with a vision. Armed with that vision and a passionate dream to create fashionable designs and save the world, Margo Schlossberg of
Kura Design has set a path that has created her gorgeous hand bags!
>> See the post

margo4real.jpgSaving the World One Purse at a Time
Margo Schlossberg cares about fashion and saving the world!  Read about her efforts to help refugees in Uganda.  Plus, check out the exclusive photoshoot that AMADI’s Toccara Lanett had with photographer Simon Bechara to model the latest bags from Margo’s company, Kura Design. >> Read the Full Article







 Want to be my Prom Date?
Kura Design Handbag featured in YouTube video. Watch for a speical offer! >> Watch the Video










 Aidah Collection!

Washington, DC Designer Aidah has featured our handbags as accessories in the Spring 2009 Collection. Check it out! www.aidah.com










 Read Margo's Column in the examiner.com on Women's Business, find out about small business strategy, social networking and more! >> Read More




Margo Schlossberg, founder of Kura Design, shows off our Sexy Swirls handbag!

>> Watch Now







Kura Design gets a nod from Networking Events NY - A Box of Hope, December 1, 2008 about our fabulous Black and Silver City Light handbag!

>> Read More




Listen as Margo Schlossberg, founder of Kura Design, is interviewd on the popular morning talk radio show, "Girlfriend We Gotta Talk" about Susie's Red Swirls Bag on October 30, 2008.  >> Listen Now



yellow spring has sprung headband
yellow spring has sprung headband
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Living the Lime
Living the Lime
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Be Mine in Pink
Be Mine in Pink
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classy lassy
classy lassy
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Custom Made Kids Headband (Hello Kitty)
Custom Made Kids Headband (Hello Kitty)
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Beauty in Black
Beauty in Black
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Not your Grannies Bag White
Not your Grannies Bag White
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Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly
Regularly $50.00
You Save: $52.50
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Green Peacock
Green Peacock
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Recent Reviews...

"I think Kura Design bags would make a great bridesmaid gift, or serve as a gift for that special loved one or girlfriend. Besides, what woman does not adore a detailed and artfully crafted hand bag? And especially one that has a decent price tag attached? "
- Eventsualities Blog

"Margo, I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer service!  I gifted the purse and recipient absolutely loved it.  She was crying tears of joy!  Kudos to you for excellent craftsmanship.  I look forward to shopping with you again!"
- Melanie

"Sometimes no matter what you wear you just need that perfect accessory to make everything come together - that's why I love Margo's unique bags"
- Amy H, Silver Spring MD

"The first night I took out my 'shadows and light' bag by Kura Design I got so many oohs and aahs"
- Jenny D, Washington DC

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